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Control of compound leaf patterning by MULTI-PINNATE LEAF1 (MPL1) in chickpea

First Author: Liu, Ye
Abstract: Plant lateral organs are often elaborated through repetitive formation of developmental units, which progress robustly in predetermined patterns along their axes. Leaflets in compound leaves provide an example of such units that are generated sequentially along the longitudinal axis, in species-specific patterns. In this context, we explored the molecular mechanisms underlying an acropetal mode of leaflet initiation in chickpea pinnate compound leaf patterning. By analyzing naturally occurring mutants multi-pinnate leaf1 (mpl1) that develop higher-ordered pinnate leaves with more than forty leaflets, we show that MPL1 encoding a C2H2-zinc finger protein sculpts a morphogenetic gradient along the proximodistal axis of the early leaf primordium, thereby conferring the acropetal leaflet formation. This is achieved by defining the spatiotemporal expression pattern of CaLEAFY, a key regulator of leaflet initiation, and also perhaps by modulating the auxin signaling pathway. Our work provides novel molecular insights into the sequential progression of leaflet formation.
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PubYear: 2023
Volume: 14
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