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XTBG participates in 2015 Annual Meeting of the ATBC Asia-Pacific Chapter
Author: Alice Hughes
Update time: 2015-04-09
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Twenty-four people from XTBG attended the ATBC meeting in Cambodia, with Richard Corlett giving a plenary entitled "Welcome to the Anthropocene!", and XTBG researchers organising and chairing eight of the symposia at the conference. Kyle Tomlinson gave a workshop on R and Basic statistics and Alice Hughes, in addition to being one of the main organisers of the conference led a workshop in GIS and species distribution modelling and a second workshop for early career researchers. In total XTBG based researchers gave twenty three presentations at the conference, and additionally seventeen former AFEC-X and other XTBG course attendants reunited at the conference, many of whom won prizes.

Carla Monoy won a prize for one of the best oral presentations, and two students from the XTBG course on the ecology of Climate change in the tropics and sub-tropics (Tuanjit Sritongchuay, and Krizler Tanalgo) won first and second prizes for their oral presentations.

Additionally Alice Hughes was elected to become secretary of the Asia Pacific chapter of the ATBC for the next two years.

This year was the largest ATBC AP yet held, and China had the most attendants other than the host country, XTBGs heavy involvement with the meeting and engagement with the society are continuing to strengthen the chapter and it's productivity, and will continue to strengthen the chapter over the coming years


Alice Hughes chaired five sessions; 1-Understanding and conserving the diversity and ecology of Southeast Asian bats; 2-Assessing and enhancing the resilience of the Southeast Asian protected areas network; 3-Latitude-altitude gradients-inferring the effects of climate change on biodiversity (Co-chaired by Aki Nakamura); 4-Conservation education symposium: building capacity for conservation in Southeast Asia and 5-Other: Fauna.

Alison Wee and Danielle Cicuzza chaired a session on Ex-situ plant conservation in tropical Asia
Kyle Tomlinson chaired a session on South and East Asian savannas: poorly understood and under threat.

Yan-Qiong Peng chaired a session on Fig trees and associated animals.

Twenty three presentations were given as follows:

Akihiro Nakamura (Oral) Plotting the future: long-term biodiversity monitoring in Southeast Asia

Alice C. Hughes (Oral) Environmental stability and biodiversity

Alice C. Hughes (Oral) Life in the matrix: how can we best protect biodiversity in an increasingly fragmented landscape

Alice C. Hughes (Oral) New perspectives on the ecology and biogeography of Southeast Asian bats

Alice C. Hughes (Oral) Onwards and upwards: what do latitude and altitude mean to biodiversity in the real world?

Alice C. Hughes (Oral) Developing key skills for the next generation of Conservation ecologists

Bo Wang (Oral) Chemical mimicry: a key process in maintaining a mutualistic network

Bonifacio O. Pasion (Oral) At what level is recent fragmentation detectable in landscapes?

Carla C. Monoy (Oral) Temporal changes in tree species and trait composition in a typhoon-prone Pacific dipterocarp forest

Chen ying (Oral) Asymbiotic seed germination and in vitro seedling development of Paphiopedilum spicerianum: an orchid with an extremely small population in China

Huan Fan (Oral) An assembly and alignment-free method of phylogeny reconstruction from next-generation sequencing data

Huan Fan (Oral) A transcriptome analysis of the two types of female florets in Ficus fistulosa

HuanHuan Chen (Oral) Projecting the effects of climate change on the distribution and diversity of Chinese Figs

Jing-Xin Liu (Oral) Reviewing Six Years of the "Program for Field Studies in Tropical Asia"

Kingsly Chuo Beng (Oral) Competing land use practices in Xishuangbanna threaten regional biodiversity

Kyle W. Tomlinson (Oral) Savanna in Asia: status of a vegetation type and a science

Yao Xin (Oral) Comparative biology study of plant adaptive evolution responding to climate change among genus Ilex in Yunnan, southwest China

Richard T. Corlett (Oral) Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Song Yu (Oral) Control of final fruit traits in Machilus species

Wen-Bin Yu (Oral) Floral and reproductive ecology of Cycas panzhihuaensis

Yan-Qiong Peng (Oral) How do non-pollinators locate Ficus host?

Kingsly Chuo Beng (Poster) When two or more land use types compete, it is the biodiversity that suffers

Jiaqi Zhang (Poster) Forest islands in a rubber sea: developing methods to maintain and protect forests in a rubber matrix

XTBG participants at the meeting

Alice Hughes and other representatives

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