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XTBG presents at Conservation Asia 2016
Author: Alice Hughes
Update time: 2016-07-18
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This year's Conservation Asia meeting at the National University of Singapore took place between the 28th of June and the 3rd of July and represented a joint meeting between the Asian section of the Society of Conservation Biology and the Asia-Pacific chapter of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation. The meeting was attended by around 560 people, with around 450 presentations.

XTBG researchers Richard T. Corlett organized a symposium on “Reducing the Biodiversity Impacts of Infrastructure Development in the Tropics and Alice C. Hughes organized two symposia on “Asian Karst Conservation andTransboundary Protected Areas in South China Border Areas: Challenges and Prospects”.

In addition we had 22 presentations from 15 XTBG researchers and recent students (listed below). Alice C. Hughes organised 21 capacity building events in three different formats at Conservation Asia involving over 250 of the delegates. These sessions included extended workshops on advanced statistics and spatial analysis lead by Kyle Tomlinson and Alice C. Hughes respectively, in addition to a further 7 workshops, 11 skills sessions and mentoring. Several XTBG students also attended the extended workshops including Sifan Hu and Guo Wei with several XTBG researchers remaining in the University for several days following the conference to conduct collaborative research with local researchers including Cui Qinglan on Pollination and Gabriel David on passerine migration.

As ATBC Asia-Pacific secretary Alice C. Hughes gave one of the conference closing speeches and also announced that next year’s ATBC-Asia Pacific Chapter meeting will take place next March in XTBG.

Everyone agreed that the conference was highly productive and is looking forward to next years meeting in XTBG.

Presentations authored by XTBG researchers and recent students

The relationship between rubber plantations and native bird diversity;

 Zhang, Mingxia; Chang,Charlotte; Quan, Ruichang;


Island of aliens: spread of invasive plant species across latitude and altitude gradient in Javan

national parks

Padmanaba, Michael; Hughes, Alice; and Corlett, Richard


Seasonal and diurnal patterns of activity in honeybees (Apis spp.) on the northern edge of the

Asian tropics.

Cui, Qinglan ,; Corlett, Richard T


Butterflies are darker at higher elevations: implications for tropical butterflies in a warming


Shuang Xing; Wenda Cheng; Akihiro Nakamurai; Chin Cheung Tang; Evan J. Pickett; Shuyin Huang,

Erica Odell; Min Wang; Eben Goodale; Uromi M. Goodale; Timothy C. Bonebrake


Falling through the Gaps: Mapping the conservation needs on Chinas Southern borders

Hughes, Alice C.


Remotely sensed data informs Red List evaluations and priorities mountainous areas for

endemism conservation in Southeast Asia

Binbin V. Li, Alice C. Hughes, Clinton N. Jenkins, Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela, Stuart L. Pimm


The conservation network of Mekong watershed in south china border area

Shi, Xiangying; Li, Xiaolong; Wen, Cheng; Lu, Zhi; Deng, Yun; Song, Dazhao


Mapping the migratory passerines of Southeast Asia

Hughes , Alice C.


Karst off: evaluating the conservation needs of Southeast Asian karsts

Alice. C. Hughes


Genetic Optimization of the living collection of Aglaia teysmanniana (Meliaceae) in XTBG and its

implication on tropical tree conservation.

Wee, KS Alison; Corlett, Richard


Does plant diversity increase top-down control of herbivorous insects in tropical forest?

Leles, Bruno,; Xue, Xiao,; Passion, Bonifacio ,; Nakamura, Akihiro ; Tomlinson, Kyle W.


The importance of multi-scale spatial analyses for conservation unit buffer zones delimitation and


Leles, Bruno,, Ribeiro, John, Santos, Juliana, Eboli, Camilla, Hughes, Alice C., Ribeiro, Milton C.


Landuse change is a reality but conservation is a priority; rubber trees and arthropod

communities in Xishuangbanna

Beng, Kingsly Chuo,; Tomlinson, Kyle; Shen, Xianhui,; Surget-Groba, Yann ,; Hughes, Alice; Corlett,

Richard; Slik, Ferry


A bigger toolbox? Using the new technologies in real-world conservation

Corlett, Richard T.


Making biodiversity monitoring more affordable; a new primer set suitable for metabarcoding

using Illumina Miseq

Beng, Kingsly Chuo,, Tomlinson, Kyle, Shen, Xianhui,, Surget-Groba, Yann ,, Hughes, Alice, Corlett,

Richard, Slik, Ferry


Population dynamic of wild boars (Sus scrofa) in a tropical forest of southwest China.

Wei Guo; Rui-chang Quan


Assessing the efficacy of biodiversity conservation in tropical protected areas: a case study in

Xishuangbanna, southwestern China

Chen, Cheng, Quan, Ruichang, Meitner, Michael, Brodie, Jedediah


Forest proximity alters the structure of tropical pollination networks in mixed fruit orchards.

Sritongchuay, Tuanjit ; Memmott, Jane ; Bumrungsri, Sara


Need of Conservation strategies for Dioecious Genus Litsea in the Western Ghats of Karnataka,


Srinivas SG; YL Krishnamurthy


The impact of mining on bat diversity a case study

 Ada Chornelia


Recent pangolin seizures in China identify key areas for law enforcement

Cheng, Wenda; Xing, Shuang; Bonebrake, Timothy


The threat of recreational hunting in tropical forests

Chang, Charlotte


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