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The Macroevolution Team joins the IBC
Author: Harald Schneider
Update time: 2017-07-28
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The MacroEvolution Team shows a strong presence at the XIX International Botanical Congress at Shenzhen, the first IBC held at China. The activities of the team involves organising two regular symposia (T2-06 & T2-24), presenting (3 presentation by H Schneider in T2-06, T2-24, T2-48) and contributing to oral presentations (>3x) at general symposia and e-posters (1x), and two oral presentations at the satellite symposium (Current Hotspots and Progress in Ferns) presented H Schneider and Yanfen Chang.

The Team was also strongly involved in organising the first gathering of the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group (see PPG1 2016), a highly inclusive international team integrating our knowledge to provide the most comprehensive classification of ferns and lycophytes. Team members contributed also to two special publications by international scientific journals celebrating the XIX IBC, namely by contributed one study published in the special issues of the Journal Systematics and Evolution (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jse.v55.4/issuetoc) and H Schneider helped with the organisation of the special virtual issue “Diversity through Time” of the Australian Systematic Botany (http://www.publish.csiro.au/sb/content/virtualissues?id=2082).

The team showed it broad impact by contributing presentation to the study of African plant diversity (together with HongMei Liu), fern phylogeny and biology (presentations at the satellite meeting focusing on ferns and lycophytes), and our understanding of key events in the history of land plants such as their origin (presentations by H. Schneider) and the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution (presentation by H Schneider). The later activities involved organising two general symposia addressing these issues of which T2-24 (Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution) was coorganized by HongMei Liu.


Professor Harald Schneider made oral presentation at XIX International Botanical Congress

Yanfen Chang made oral presentation at XIX International Botanical Congress


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