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Chen Jin visits China’s Embassy in Myanmar
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2018-02-06
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Prof. Chen Jin and deputy director Li Yin of CAS Bureau of International Cooperation paid a visit to China’s Embassy in Myanmar during the sidelines of the 2018 Annual Academic Conference of the Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-SEABRI) from January 31 to February 2.

Ambassador Hong Liang approved of the work by researchers of SEARBRI. He said that SEABRI set a god platform for further and deeper science cooperation between China and Myanmar. Afterwards, they talked about the development of SEABRI and China-Myanmar collaboration.

At the annual conference, the work performance of research groups and project teams were evaluated. Scientists form China and Myanmar had discussion and tried to seek ways to conserve the rich biodiversity in Myanmar and other SE Asian countries.


The scientists made field visit to the National Kandawgyi Botanical Gardens (first established in 1915 as the Maymyo Botanical Gardens), having a general understanding on the typical vegetation types and representative species of Myanmar.

Summing up the conference, Academician Xu Zhihong said that biodiversity studies know no borders. “Biodiversity conservation is based on a species census of the specific region, thus it’s very important to investigate species.” He also emphasized the importance of cultivating young talents.



Scientists from China and Myanmar meet to discuss biodiversity conservation


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