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XTBG joins AI Botanic Garden Program
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2018-09-20
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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Botanical Garden Program is made to public, marked by a signing ceremony between Chinese tech company Baidu and five well-known botanical gardens in Shanghai Botanic Garden on September 17. 

The five botanic gardens are Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG), Wuhan Botanical Garden, Beijing Botanical Garden, Shangbai Botanical Garden, and Kunming Botanical Garden. 

Baidu, the largest provider of Chinese language internet search as well as other digital products and services, is exploring some very intriguing applications for artificial intelligence. 

In cooperation with botanical gardens, Baidu develops APPs that use artificial intelligence to allow users to identify unknown species and learn about some characteristics. With the APPS, curious amateur naturalists may have better ways to identify the nature around us. 

With rich plant databases of botanical gardens, Baidu APPs may offer better experiences to users. They are expected to feature interactive maps, tour guide, garden plant finder, and general plant guide, among other fun and useful things. 

In the coming soon, the Baidu APP of AI botanic gardens will be promoted to the 108 member gardens of the Chinese Union of Botanic Gardens (CUBG), according to media reports. 


Signing ceremony in Shanghai Botanical Garden on September 17.

Users take photo and identify plants using Baidu APP.



Users take photo and identify plants using Baidu APP.

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