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XTBG Science Festival 2023 held
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2023-11-10
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The 8th Science Festival for the Youth of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) was held on November 4-5. It is part of the 6th Science Festival of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). 

With the banner of The Hidden Life, it is an event to share the very best research and interesting scientific stories taking place at botanical gardens and universities. It attracts over 3000 local students and visitors on site.  

Prof. Yang Yongping, director of XTBG, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that the science festival will bring the public to have an understanding on the science of hidden life and approach the tropical rainforest, via science posters, popular science lectures, and explorations, etc. 

Popular science activities were held to meet the curiosity of young students to know about the unknown and hidden life and showcase major progressive scientific achievements. 70 science stories were presented, in the subjects of cryptogamous and gymnosperm plants, microcosm, small animal in night, macro world, familiar but unknown biodiversity, man and nature. Among them, mantis, glowing mushrooms, jumping insects in the soil, carnivorous plants, giant water lily, models of outrocks, animals, picture books, plant fossils, and some others are most popular. 

Prof. Akihiro Nakamura, a Japanese scientist working in XTBG, presented a lecture to local middle school students, bringing them to know the interesting wold of insects, significance of protecting insect diversity, and canopy forest study. 

Night hiking, art appreciation, evening party and other activities also attracted wide participation.  

All activities of the science festival were free and open to the public, which attracted thousands of online viewers.  



Prof. Yang Yongping delivers an opening speech. 


Local students participate in the science festival. 


Young scientists showcase scientific stories. 


Science lectures and art appreciation. 


Activities in the evening. 

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