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Annual Report 2023 released
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2024-07-04
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The year 2023 was a year of hard work and significant achievements, witnessed by the fruits of our collective efforts. XTBG consistently advanced the comprehensive implementation of the science and technology plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan and the construction of national key laboratories, actively sought major national, academy, and local scientific and technological tasks, took the initiative to plan the establishment of the Xishuangbanna National Botanical Garden, strengthened the building of cadres and talent teams, deepened the reform of the scientific and technological system, strengthened international scientific and technological exchange and cooperation, and coordinated security and development. All work progressed smoothly.  

In 2023, XTBG received 169 million Yuan in research funds for 158 new projects, got 352 research articles published in internationally peer-reviewed scientific journals, 5 patents authorized, 8 national plant varieties registered, 10 upland rice varieties approved at the provincial level, etc.  

This year, new achievements occurred in undertaking major scientific and technological tasks and external cooperation and exchanges.  "Dynamic monitoring, assessment, and early warning of the ecosystem of Gaoligong Mountain" and "Response of terrestrial vegetation, plant diversity, and ecology in a hot chamber on Earth" were funded by the Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. "Social learning in bees" received funding from the National Natural Science Foundation's Excellent Young Scientist Fund.  

In journals such as Science, Trends in Plant Science, Current Biology, PNAS, Plant Cell, and New Phytologist, we published several highly impactful papers. We first discovered that social learning improves the "dance language" expression ability of bees; proposed that future plant protection work should actively use the advantages of various methods to carry out comprehensive protection; analyzed the systemic evolution signals of secondary metabolites of plants and their spatial distribution patterns
at the local scale; revealed a new mechanism for the activation of plant JA signal transduction under low phosphorus conditions. 


XTBG has also made progress in many other aspects. Please refer to our Annual Report 2023 for a detailed understanding.  



Annual Report 2023 

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