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Plant Diversity and Conservation Group
Update time: 2023-04-26
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Plant Diversity and Conservation Group (PDCG) was founded in September 2016, we integrated use of plant taxonomy, the floristic geography and molecular systematics methods,  to study the flora composition features, phylogenetic and geographic distribution patterns and mechanisms of diverse tropical plants in tropical China and southeast Asia (Indochina). We want to achieve the purpose of serving social development and biodiversity conservation in these areas. With the projects funded by the Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Institute, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China and other projects, taxonomic research is currently focused on the tropical Asia dominant families. From August 2016 to 2022, more than 10 large-scale field expeditions in Myanmar, Laos and China (along the China-Laos border) have been conducted, which have been reported by CCTV for many times. More than 80 taxa (new species, new genus and new family) have been published in Journal of Systematics and Evolution, Taxon, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Plant Diversity, PhytoKeys, Phytotaxa, Nordic Journal Botany, Taiwania etc. from 2017 to 2022, including one new family of Angiosperm, i.e. Wightiaceae Bo Li, Bing Liu, Su Liu & Y. H. Tan, two new genera, i.e. Wuodendron B. Xue, Y. H. Tan & Chaowasku (Annonaceae) and Tsaiodendron Y. H. Tan, H. Zhu & H. Sun (Euphorbiaceae)ca. 80 new species of vascular plants, mainly belong to Zingiberaceae, Gesneriaceae, Annonaceae, Rubiaceae, Ochidaceae, Balsaminaceae and Begonia. 


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