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2023-03-07: Digital soil mapping towards a sustainable management for food security 23-03-06
2023-02-28:Reflecting on the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework 23-02-27
2023-02-28: Extreme drought events in China under global warming 23-02-27
2023-02-25:Insight into WOX-mediated transcriptional regulation in the control of leaf blade out... 23-02-23
2023-02-21:The complexities and opportunities of plant-nematode interaction 23-02-20
2023-02-14: Rapid evolution of a plant invader in response to biological control and global warming 23-02-13
2023-02-07:Global Conservation of Bats in a Changing World: Key Threats and Priorities for Specie... 23-02-06
2023-01-31: Integrating Genomics and Conservation to Safeguard Plant Diversity 23-01-31
2023-01-17: A Mechanistic Study on Adsorption of Chromium, Copper, Iron, and Nickel from Water Us... 23-01-16
2023-01-10: Climate Change and Tree Growth in Nepal Himalaya? 23-01-09
2023-01-03: Mechanisms of alien plant invasion from belowground 23-01-03
2022-12-27: Decomposing dark diversity affinities of species and sites using Bayesian method: wha... 22-12-26
2022-12-15: Learning about plants from the organisms that eat them 22-12-14
2022-12-13: The decay dynamics of deadwood and associated biodiversity 22-12-13
2022-12-06: Heat tolerance variation and herbivore–parasitoid interactions in tropical rainforest 22-12-05
2022-11-29: Ecological drivers of range limitation in species 22-11-29
2022-11-22: Nodal diaphragms in stems of Alternanthera philoxeroides slows down, but do not obstr... 22-11-22
2022-11-15: Open the Black Box: Meet Journal Editors 22-11-14
2022-11-08: The conservation of satoyama in Sado Island 22-11-07
2022-11-01: The evolution and ecology of defensive traits in ants 22-10-31
2022-10-25: A quantitative approach for plant functional diversity to improve terrestrial ecosyst... 22-10-24
2022-10-18: Cloning and characterization of glutathione S-transferase genes involved in the accum... 22-10-17
2022-10-11: Extreme climate events on Carbon, Water and Energy fluxes and their response to clima... 22-10-10
2022-09-27: How resurrection plants recover from severely dehydration- a case study based on Para... 22-09-26
2022-09-20: Forest gaps are not “neutral” with respect to species composition and diversity 22-09-19
2022-09-13: Taxonomic Study on Polygonatum cyrtonema Complex (Asparagaceae) revealed by morpholog... 22-09-13
2022-09-06: Exploring mixed-species grouping effects through antipredator mechanisms 22-09-05
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