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2018-07-17: Human-nature interactions in seasonal tropical wetlands, past and present 18-07-17
2018-07-03: The diversity and evolution of pollination systems in the ANITA grade of earliest-div... 18-07-03
2018-07-03: From model organism research to ecology - lessons from nematodes and insects 18-07-02
2018-06-26: Patagonia's Fossil Rainforests and their Endangered Living Legacy 18-06-25
2018-06-19: Modeling ecosystem functions and services under climate and land use changes: from tr... 18-06-19
2018-06-11: Long-term ecosystem stability in contrasting grasslands of South Africa 18-06-11
2018-06-12: Orchid evolution insights from phylogenetics and population genetics 18-06-11
2018-05-29: Fossil evidence depicts ancestors of sweet potato are from East Gondwana 18-05-28
2018-05-22: Biotic and abiotic interactions in novel environments differ from the native range: i... 18-05-22
2018-05-22: Predicting benefits and risks of biological control of the invasive, allergy-inducing... 18-05-22
2018-05-21: A pan-tropical look at P limitations to plant photosynthesis and growth 18-05-21
2018-05-02: Flora and Fauna of South Eastern Rainforests of Ecuador 18-05-02
2018-04-24: Using interdisciplinary approach to combat emerging threats in forests - livestock gr... 18-04-24
2018-04-17: Investigating the biosynthesis of plant natural products: the examples of monoterpene... 18-04-17
2018-04-10: Projecting biome boundaries, functional diversity and human impacts in savannas – in... 18-04-10
2018-04-03: Status of Aichi Biodiversity Target 11 and strategies to facilitate the implementati... 18-04-02
2018-03-27: Using nuclear genes from transcriptomic datasets to investigate angiosperm phylogeni... 18-03-27
2018-03-13: The genome of Gnetum and early evolution of seed plants 18-03-12
2018-03-06: Influence of landscapes on pollinator communities and pollination services in China s... 18-03-06
2018-02-08: Global patterns and drivers of plant naturalization 18-02-07
2018-01-29: Phylogenetic analyses for evolutionary and ecological questions 18-01-26
2018-01-23:Importance of phenotypic plasticity in plants in plant-animal interactions 18-01-23
2018-01-16: Talking about the classification of Lepidoptera 18-01-15
2018-01-09: The regulation of plant defenses in response to necrotrophic fungus in wild tobacco 18-01-09
2018-01-02: A studying progress of Cavernicolous ground beetles in China and Southeast Asia 18-01-02
2017-12-12: Forest proximity and landuse habitat alter the pollination network and reproductive s... 17-12-12
2017-12-08: Expanding the view of Human-Wildlife Conflict: can ecologists provide insights to imp... 17-12-08
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