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2016-01-12: The Paris climate change agreement: what was agreed and what does it mean for XTBG, C... 16-01-11
2016-01-05: The evolutionary history of the honeybee Apis mellifera revealed by genomics 16-01-05
2016-01--04: Evolutionary Agroecology: Applying Evolutionary Theory to Plant Production 16-01-04
2015-12-29:Diversity going nuts: Asian Fagaceae research at Guangxi University and perspectives f... 15-12-28
2015-12-22: A bird's eye view of north-east India: research and conservation stories 15-12-21
2015-12-14: Amphibia China and the Cold Code 15-12-14
2015-12-08: Using spatial statistics to investigate ecological processes in tropical rainforests 15-12-07
2015-12-07: Forest Research: Land Use and Ecosystem Services 15-12-07
2015-12-02: The dynamics of species range: roles of climate, topography and human activities 15-12-01
2015-11-20: New Approaches in Conservation 15-11-20
2015-11-18: End-Permian mass extinction in South China 15-11-18
2015-11-18: Origin and early evolution of birds 15-11-18
2015-11-17: The Mesozoic World of Plants, Insects and their interactions is Surprisingly Like th... 15-11-16
2015-11-16: Structural Biology of Small RNA-mediated Gene Regulation and Methylation-mediated Epi... 15-11-16
2015-11-10: Monsoon climate- Its past and impact on biodiversity 15-11-09
2015-11-02: The Importance of Biogeochemical Theories to Managing Forests in the Global Biosphere 15-11-02
2015-10-30: Global ant biogeography: spatial and temporal changes in insect diversity 15-10-26
2015-10-13: Overcoming the taxonomic impediment to study of Asia's bee pollinators: examples from... 15-10-10
2015-09-30: Database Management Practice for Supporting Scientific Research at CGER 15-09-28
2015-09-29: Chromosome evolution and domestication in the making of modern cucumber 15-09-28
2015-09-22: Metrics of diversity 15-09-21
2015-09-15: The Importance of Long-Term Research in Ecology 15-09-11
2015-09-11: Five presentations by French INRA and CNRS 15-09-11
2015-09-08: Water quality assessment for irrigated agriculture 15-09-08
2015-09-08: Evaluation of soil CO2 efflux of Asian Terrestrial Ecosystems based on an automated c... 15-09-06
2015-09-08:Pollination system in tropical rain forests and its application to oil palm plantation... 15-09-06
2015-09-01: Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia: Somewhere Between Land-Sharing and Land-... 15-08-31
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