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Int’l Cooperation News
Hengduan mountain alpine flora history shown to be longest on Earth 20-07-31
Study provides insight into male fertility control in legume plants 20-07-03
Phylogenetic analysis confirms the existence of five goral species 20-06-23
Environmental filtering structures the functional strategies of bryophytes in cloud forest 20-06-01
Study reveals a framework for trifoliate leaf-pattern formation in leguminous plants 20-05-12
Researchers reconstruct drought variability from teak tree rings in southern Myanmar 20-04-27
XTBG researcher presents a monograph of Linnaeeae 20-04-20
How ‘undertaker’ bees recognize dead comrades 20-03-23
A new genus of forking fern family reported 20-03-03
XTBG PhD Students’ research work featured in national television of Bangladesh in the eve of wor... 20-03-05
A new species of Araceae reported from Myanmar 20-01-15
A new species of Goniothalamus reported from Lao PDR 20-01-19
China-Myanmar research team completes biodiversity survey 20-01-02
Special issue of PhytoKeys represents plant diversity in Southeast Asia 20-01-13
9th China-Myanmar joint field expedition completed 19-12-30
24th – 27th October 2020: 8th International Canopy Conference 19-12-23
XTBG Scientist participates in Symposium of Integrative Conservation 19-11-18
Chinese-French International Associated Laboratory opened 19-11-14
Akihiro Nakamura wins 2019 Yunnan Friendship Award 19-10-22
Biodiversity aid tops agenda for Chinese, Asian experts 19-10-15
SEABRI continues helping train researchers on tropical plant identification in Myanmar 19-10-18
Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation-Xishuangbanna 2019 opens 19-10-16
Two ginger species reported new to Myanmar 19-09-25
Plant diversity and endemism in China: Unreachable locations and diverse microclimates 19-08-30
SEABRI helps capacity building of biodiversity conservation of Lao PDR 19-08-12
XTBG further promotes joint studies on E101 longitude dynamic plots belt 19-08-08
XTBG deepens cooperation with Lao Biotechnology and Ecology Institute 19-07-22
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