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Int’l Cooperation News
British biologist's engagement in China's biodiversity conservation 21-10-15
New Begonia species reported from Philippines 21-09-23
Two new species of cast iron plant found in China-Laos transboundary areas 21-09-26
Effective “host sanctions” make fig wasp cheating rare 21-08-05
New aroid species reported from Myanmar 21-08-06
Chinese government has done excellent job about wandering elephants: expert 21-07-02
XTBG Ph.D student’s research commented in New Phytologist 21-06-29
Spanish expert's view on how to solve human-elephant conflict 21-07-02
New epiphytic orchid species found in Indonesia 21-06-15
Seven new species of Begonia found in Myanmar 21-05-12
UNEP-NSFC collaborative research project kicks off 21-04-23
Collaborative transboundary conservation enforcement is urgently needed 21-04-13
New species of mint family found in northern Myanmar 21-03-17
Seeing biodiversity from a Chinese perspective 21-03-11
Scientists investigate the mysterious origin of flowering plants 21-02-01
Resolving abominable mysteries 21-01-29
Pioneering research unravels hidden origins of Eastern Asia’s ‘land of milk and honey’ 21-01-28
New species of custard apple family found in Myanmar 21-01-26
Most effective pollinator of Hoya pottsii revealed 21-01-19
Subtropical forests once existed on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: study 20-12-09
Arid environments buzz with more bees, says study 20-11-30
12th Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation completed at XTBG 20-11-27
Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation-Xishuangbanna 2020 opens 20-10-20
The banyan tree looks odd for a reason 20-10-12
Insect herbivores drive evolution of defensive syndromes in fig plants 20-09-08
World's oldest Alpine plants found in Hengduan Mountains 20-08-10
Functional traits characterize tradeoffs in seedling growth in subtropical forest 20-09-03
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