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News Updates
Sports Meeting in celebration of 50th anniversary of XTBG held 08-11-24
CAS Vice President Li Jiayang inspects XTBG 08-11-04
Research advances in climate change in Hengduan Mountains over 350 years 08-10-29
Tissue culture and rapid propagation of teak a success at XTBG 08-10-24
Recovery mechanism of tropical rainforest after fire damage 08-10-23
XTBG participates in Chinese Botanical Gardens Conference 2008 08-10-22
Experts assess XTBG proposal for key lab at CAS level 08-10-21
XTBG sets up CO2 Phytotron 08-10-16
Happy Double Ninth Festival 08-10-10
Nabanhe National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau inaugurated 08-10-07
Prof. Xu Zaifu receives GUCAS Outstanding Teacher Award 08-09-27
Grain for Green Program contributes to greenhouse gas management 08-09-24
XTBG holds strategy forum for its development 08-09-18
XTBG sets up experiment base for tropical vegetation restoration models 08-09-17
XTBG proposes wood density as a conservation tool 08-09-11
Prof. Ma Keping makes field visit to 20-ha forest observation plot 08-09-05
Studies unlock secrets of autonomous selfing of Roscoea schneideriana 08-08-26
Survey reveals the situation of Chinese caterpillar fungus resources 08-08-22
Expedition finds newly recorded plants in Yunnan 08-08-20
Ph.D candidate Hao Guangyou receives BHP Billiton Scholarship 08-08-15
Study progress in the conservation genetics of the genus Litsea 08-08-13
Launching ceremony of Luosuo River Bridge & Western Entrance 08-08-07
Academician Wu Zhengyi’s memories off the history of two research stations 08-08-04
Soil data quality of two research stations at excellence rate of 100% 08-07-31
XTBG at peak period of university student internships 08-07-29
Future of Popular Chinese Herbal Medicine Up in the Air 08-07-25
Investigation of macro-fungi diversity in Ailaoshan completed 08-07-21
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