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2019-12-18: Burning for biodiversity in Australian savannas 19-12-18
2019-12-17: Why is fruit color so variable? Phylogenetic analyses reveal relationships between fr... 19-12-16
2019-12-10: Evolution of insects navigation 19-12-09
2019-12-10: Historical biogeography shapes community ecology: intercontinental contrasts in the s... 19-12-09
2019-12-03: Using environmental gradients to predict human impacts on bird communities 19-12-02
2019-11-29: The global diversification of Rosales: Evidence from the fossil record 19-11-29
2019-11-28:The frequency of ancient polyploidy in hexapods and green plants 19-11-26
2019-11-27: The usefulness of trace elements for evaluating the migration of wildlife 19-11-26
2019-11-19: Reproductive isolation and genetic differentiation between the two colour-flower morp... 19-11-19
2019-11-12: Cave salamanders as model species in macroecology 19-11-12
2019-11-05: Functional trait differences and the mechanisms structuring diverse communities 19-11-04
2019-10-29:Biology mutation breeding of high energy heavy ion radiation 19-10-28
2019-10-28:Eden Project: can a botanic garden be the beginning of the ecological revolution? 19-10-28
2019-10-15:Bioactive metabolites discovery and biosynthesis from medicinal plants and their endop... 19-10-14
2019-10-15:The impact of mycorrhizal fungi on the spatial distribution and abundance of orchids 19-10-14
2019-10-08: Understanding patterns of diversity and inherent data biases in global datasets 19-10-08
2019-09-24: The Link among Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge, and Intellectual Property Educati... 19-09-23
2019-09-17: Biodiversity patterns in human-dominated landscapes 19-09-16
2019-09-10: Factors determining fungal diversity during wood decomposition across a tropical fore... 19-09-09
2019-09-09: Biodiversity of Sri Lanka: current status and future perspectives 19-09-09
2019-09-03: The role of positive interaction in ecological communities 19-09-02
2019-09-03: Effects and pathways of invasive plants on small soil organisms 19-09-02
2019-08-30: Role of the NBCL genes during Legume-rhizobium symbiosis and in plant development 19-08-29
2019-08-30: High air humidity is sufficient for successful egg incubation and early post-embryoni... 19-08-29
2019-08-13: Diversity and ecological adaptation of bats in Neotropical xeric landscapes 19-08-12
2019-08-02: Dissecting the Regulatory Genome: Making Sense from Nonsense 19-08-02
2019-07-29: Map-based cloning of two orthologous leaf rust resistance genes from cultivated and ... 19-07-29
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