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2024-07-19: Genomic and molecular bases of pollination syndrome evolution in monkeyflowers 24-07-18
2024-07-19: Dendrochronology in Thailand 24-07-18
2024-07-12: Aroma,flavour and activity of Yunnan's characteristic edible flower plants 24-07-11
IC Webinars |How to do conservation science, implement it, and not die trying? 24-07-08
2024-07-02: The biodiversity impacts and conservation opportunities from human land use 24-07-01
2024-06-25:The pollination of flowers by birds: challenges for biologists 24-06-24
2024-06-19: Application of nano-secondary ion mass spectrometry to study carbon and nitrogen cyc... 24-06-19
2024-06-19: Allopolyploidy Origin and Subgenome Dominance of Bamboo 24-06-19
2024-06-12:Cryobiotechnology of plants 24-06-11
2024-06-11: Calcium signaling involved in transmembrane transport of ions in plants 24-06-11
2024-06-06: Using genomics to understand response to complex environmental conditions in non-mode... 24-06-06
IC Webinars |How can we transform conservation to make it more effective? 24-06-04
2024-05-28: Three-dimensional morphology of leaf blades 24-05-27
2024-05-21: Reflection and Practice on Plant Developmental Biology Research 24-05-21
2024-05-21: Species differences in foliar secondary metabolites represent a fundamental niche di... 24-05-21
IC Webinars |Strengthening global cooperation for biodiversity conservation 24-05-21
2024-05-20: Soybean Computational Breeding 24-05-20
2024-05-16:Monitoring animal populations and communities to assess ecological integrity and infor... 24-05-14
2024-05-14: Using big data to study global biodiversity change: the importance of field observat... 24-05-13
IC Webinars |Biodiversity conservation under deforestation and forest restoration: understanding ... 24-05-06
2024-04-30: Mineral nutrient transportation and nitrogen-fixing symbiosis in soybean nodule 24-04-30
2024-04-23:Near telomere-to-telomere genome assemblies of two Chlorella species unveil the compo... 24-04-23
2024-04-11: Evolutionary genomics of innovations, adaptations, convergence, and speciation 24-04-11
2024-04-09: An evolutionary genomics study on the environmental and climatic adaptations of fores... 24-04-08
IC Webinars | Effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on ecological communities and m... 24-04-01
2024-03-26: Changing markets – medicinal plant ethnobotany in the Andes of Bolivia, Peru and Col... 24-03-25
2024-03-19: More synoptics, less large-scale impact? Drivers of atmospherically driven moisture s... 24-03-18
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