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The Orchid Show 2024 at XTBG
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2024-04-10
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The annual natural orchid show comes to its 11th event in 2024. On April 9, the exhibition named “ Orchids--gifts from nature” unveiled its plate at Shade Garden of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG). The event brought together XTBG leaders, local government officials, local Dai villagers, and other related personnel.  

Prof. Xing Yaowu, deputy director of XTBG, addressed the opening ceremony. He introduced the status quo of orchid conservation and research progress in orchid species. He also expressed gratitude to local government and people for supporting orchid protection. 

This year, over 8000 clusters or individuals in 200 species and varieties of orchids in different shapes, sizes, designs and colors are on display. The orchid show is divided into 6 main scenes, namely Modern Orchid Impression, Getting to Know Orchids, Orchids that Influence the World, Deep Valley Orchids, Smart as Orchids and Orchid Wonderland. The orchids on display include not only rare and endangered species such as Acanthephippium sylhetense and Dendrobium chrysotoxum, but also many popular species like Cattleya hybrida, Phalaenopsis aphrodite, Aglaia odorata, Renanthera coccinea, etc. 

Afterwards, XTBG distributed clusters of orchids to local villagers. In addition to giving away orchid seedlings, XTBG also distributed seedlings of Clerodendrum brachystemon and Etlingera yunnanensis (both belong to plant species with extremely small populations) cultivated by XTBG researchers. 

XTBG has been giving orchids to surrounding villagers for 8 consecutive years. “It is an effort to let protection plants enter communities and villages, raise public awareness and contribute to ecological civilization in Xishuangbanna, said an organizer.  



Prof. XING Yaowu speaks. 



XTBG gives away orchid seedlings to local villagers. 


Orchids on display. 


Orchid on display. 

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