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News Updates
Annual Report 2017 released 18-05-10
Chen Jin presents at 8th European Congress of Botanic Gardens 18-05-15
CAS-SEABRI Directorate discusses work plans 18-05-08
Yu Diqiu wins May 1st Labor Medal of Yunnan Province 18-04-27
XTBG researchers complete field expedition in northern Lao PDR 18-04-18
XTBG researchers present at General Assembly 2018 of the European Geosciences Union 18-04-17
Researchers explore ecological variation along light gradient in savanna–forest boundaries 18-04-10
5th meeting of Chinese Plant Biology Female Scientists held at XTBG 18-04-08
Annual Staff and Workers Representatives Congress 2018 held 18-04-08
Functional trait–demographic relationships are weak 18-04-04
Species 2000 Global Team meet at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden 18-03-26
Study: land plants first appeared about 500 million years ago 18-02-24
Flowering plants originated 250 million years ago: Study 18-02-23
Prof. Chen Jin proposes more favorable conditions for foreigners in XTBG 18-02-12
Successful BIOMON Workshop 18-02-08
Chen Jin visits China’s Embassy in Myanmar 18-02-06
Scientists from China and Myanmar meet to discuss biodiversity conservation 18-02-02
A glimpse in the flora of Southeast Asia puts a spotlight on its conservation 18-02-01
SEABRI reports on plant diversity in Southeast Asia 18-01-31
AP-BON discusses cooperation potential with XTBG 18-01-30
YU Diqiu's team awarded title of “Yunnan Innovation Team” 18-01-23
XTBG forges partnership with Discover Life in America 18-01-16
7 XTBG programs supported by CAS PIFI Fellowships 18-01-22
New plant species discovered in southwest China 18-01-03
6th China–Myanmar joint field expeditions completed 17-12-27
24th session of conference on Chinese Ecosystem Research Network held in Beijing 17-12-20
Professor Harald Schneider visits University of Bristol 17-12-26
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