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News Updates
“Eco-cultural” Perspectives for Green Building Design and Built Heritage Conservation 17-07-18
The Second Luosuo River Science Education Forum opens 17-07-14
XTBG presents at 6th Global Botanic Gardens Congress 17-07-04
Rubber–based agroforestry systems are useful to maximize utilization of land and water resources 17-07-03
Dreamy, picturesque scenery of botanical garden in S. Yunnan 17-06-28
XTBG and Yunnan University jointly set “Elite Class for Ecology Studies” 17-06-22
CUBG plant identification and classification training course 2017 completed in Shanghai 17-06-23
XTBG seeks further cooperation with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 17-06-21
CAS-SEABRI Directorate meets to discuss future work 17-06-19
Graduation Ceremony 2017 17-06-19
Watch: The broad-leaved epiphyllum 17-06-16
A 25-ha forest plot to be jointly established by XTBG and Thailand 17-06-08
Tree thieves planted behind bars 17-06-14
The giant corpse flower blooms at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden 17-06-02
Biodiversity investigation 2017 in Myanmar completed 17-06-02
MoU signed between Central University of Punjab and XTBG 17-06-02
The corpse flower-Amorphophallus titanium to bloom in XTBG 17-05-26
XTBG awarded plate of China's science and technology tourism bases 17-05-22
2nd Youth Science Festival connects young scientists and the public 17-05-22
SEABRI reported in the Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences 17-05-19
Tiny bite marks reveal a global pattern in predation 17-05-19
Yunnan CPC Secretary Chen Hao inspects XTBG 17-05-15
Annual Report 2016 released 17-05-09
International agreements for plant conservation 17-05-15
XTBG participates in 6th Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens network conference 17-05-09
Ant eavesdropping leads to arms race between predator and prey 17-05-02
The orchid show 2017 in XTBG --Natural orchids: the gift of nature 17-04-13
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