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News Updates
International declaration calls for a halt to plant extinctions 19-01-22
Chen Jin proposes turning marginal rubber plantation into forests 19-01-21
XTBG holds International Consultation for its development 19-01-11
Plant conservation called for as top priority in missions of botanical gardens 19-01-07
Fourth Xishuangbanna International Symposium held to mark 60th anniversary of XTBG 19-01-07
XTBG grandly celebrates its 60th anniversary 19-01-04
XTBG celebrates its 60th birthday 19-01-02
Chinese scientists discover spider species nurses young with milk 18-12-03
2018 Annual Conference of XTBG 18-12-11
Annual Work Meeting 2018 of CAS Botanical Gardens Committee held in Kunming 18-12-11
【Science】Spider moms spotted nursing their offspring with milk 18-11-30
These spiders make protein-packed milk for their young 18-11-30
This jumping spider makes milk 18-11-30
Scientists discover spider species that feeds its young milk 18-11-30
A jumping spider mom nurses her brood for weeks on milk 18-11-30
Jumping spiders nurse offspring nearly to adulthood 18-11-30
Mammal-like milk provisioning and parental care discovered in jumping spider 18-11-30
AFEC-X 2018 comes to a successful end 18-11-28
Prof. Chen Jin visits University of Yangon 18-11-26
Nymphaea ‘Lanniao Tixie’ registered by International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society 18-11-16
Chen Jin attends 2018 International Symposium of Development of Children’s Garden 18-11-14
UK-XTBG program on show at UK Research and Innovation Impact Festival 18-11-12
XTBG researchers present at 14th Asian Apicultural Association Conference 18-11-12
XTBG participates in 2018 Annual Conference on Chinese Botanic Gardens 18-11-08
Biodiversity conservation to be enhanced in Belt and Road region 18-11-07
Chinese Academy of Sciences to improve its outreach 18-11-07
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