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Research Progress
A new strategy to construct artificial miRNAs 12-06-07
Spatial effects dominant in determining species distributions in Xishuangbanna 12-06-05
Effects of N deposition on epiphytic bryophytes in a subtropical montane cloud forest in SW China 12-05-31
Researchers Test Hypothesis on Correlated Evolution between Leaf Life Span and Hydraulic Traits 12-05-23
Using solid acid catalysts to hydrolyze biomass for producing biofuels 12-05-21
Floral biology and insect visitation of a saprophytic orchid in Xishuangbanna 12-05-16
Immunosuppressive agents isolated from toxic Gelsemium elegans 12-05-10
Lignin-derived carbonaceous catalyst firstly synthesized for biodiesel synthesis 12-05-08
Daily water use and gas exchange of a subtropical woody bamboo 12-05-04
New sparse graph approach to de novo genome assembly 12-05-03
Eupatorium adenophorum: relationship between plasticity of physiological traits and invasiveness 12-04-27
Visitor education centers enhance educational role of botanical gardens in China 12-04-23
Researchers explore relationship of plant height and root pressure in bamboos 12-04-22
Home-garden populations capable of maintaining genetic diversity 12-04-09
Trade-off strategy in stone oak seeds between physical and chemical defense 12-03-27
Strength of density-dependent seedling survival varies between seasons and among species in tropi... 12-03-16
Conversion of fructose and glucose into 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural 12-03-12
Jatropha biodiesel industry in China 12-03-01
Native Seed Plants in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan to be published 12-02-29
Paraboea rufescens:mechanism for photoprotection under drought stress 12-02-24
Asian honey bees defend threat by banding together and shaking abdomens 12-02-22
Honeybees tell hornet predators to buzz off 12-02-21
Foldable leaves show lower capacity of CEF under high light than un-foldable leaves 12-02-20
Arabidopsis WRKY46 functions partially in plant disease resistance 12-02-17
Agaonid fig wasps can reproduce successfully in the figs of non-host Ficus 12-02-15
Bio-pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for enzymatic saccharification 12-02-03
Majority of protected tropical forests "empty" due to hunting 12-02-09
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