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Research Progress
Application of exogenous ABA enhances seed storage filling of castor bean 14-07-29
Imidacloprid can impair honey bee decision-making about danger 14-07-23
Animal behaviour: Birds have a pecking order for fruits 14-07-22
Frugivorous birds prefer black and red over other colors in Xishuangbanna 14-07-18
Children's contact with nature possibly enhances willingness to conserve wildlife 14-07-17
A book on biorefineries edited by XTBG scientist published by Springer 14-07-15
JcMFT1 promoter isolated from Jatropha is seed-preferential 14-07-08
Nectar guide consisting of radiating lines attracta foragers even when not in floral center 14-07-04
Drivers of relative growth rate differ among savanna tree species 14-07-02
Life experiences foster environmental action among college students 14-06-30
Soils at rubber plantations in Xishuangbanna act as a carbon sink 14-06-23
Ficus auriculata species retain their identity while sharing pollinators 14-06-19
Benzyladenine is a potential growth regulator to improve P. volubilis yield 14-06-17
FT/TFL1 Gene Family in Jatropha curcas Identified and Characterized 14-06-12
Ecophysiological strategies of two liana species investigated 14-06-10
How MYB30 integrates into the flowering time regulatory network of Arabidopsis 14-06-06
Effects of rubber plantation types on nematode communities in Xishuangbanna 14-06-03
Genomic resources for N. nervosa and N. oblique generated 14-05-28
Costs associated with a loss of active pollination detected in fig and a cheater fig wasp 14-05-21
Variation of genome size in large and species-rich tree species (Fagaceae) surveyed 14-05-20
FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) homolog in Jatropha functionally charac... 14-05-13
MYB82 functions in the plant cell nucleus of Arabidopsis as a positive regulator 14-05-12
Historical biogeography of Isodon reconstructed using molecular phylogenetic approaches 14-05-08
Interaction between litter decomposition and rhizosphere activity Has a significant positive effe... 14-05-05
Varied seed traits affect seed re-caching process of scatter-hoarding rodents 14-04-28
Historical biogeography of Indian Ocean Primulaceae reconstructed 14-04-24
Scientists describe a new phenomenon shaping southern high latitude climate during the early–mid... 14-04-22
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