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News Updates
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden shows vigorous scenery 23-01-03
New journal Integrative Conservation launched 22-12-23
Prof. Chen Jin receives Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Medal 22-11-28
Solving human-elephant conflict worldwide 23-01-18
New species of legumes verified in southwest China 23-01-06
2022 Launch Event of Integrative Conservation 22-12-13
Prof. Ian T. Baldwin of Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology visits XTBG 22-12-22
XTBG completes fourth China-Lao transboundary biodiversity investigation 22-12-09
Finding inspiration: Spanish ecologist in the land of Asian elephants 22-11-29
AFEC-X 2022 completes with a symposium 22-12-02
17th joint meeting of XTBG and Nature Reserve Administrations held 22-11-21
XTBG sets ecology postdoctoral research mobile station of Yunnan 22-11-24
Foreign Experts in Yunnnan: Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz 22-11-10
Yang Yongping heads delegation to Laos 22-11-07
Asian elephants mostly roam outside protected areas — and it’s a problem 22-10-20
Microclimatic variation mainly drives species composition and phylogenetic structure of epiphytic... 22-10-14
Host-generalist mistletoe exhibits high level of outcrossing 22-10-09
Sri Lankan student realizes his dream in China 22-09-29
Chinese Paintings of Tropical Rainforest: the 4th Exhibition 22-09-27
Study identifies key factors contributing to high local diversity of trees of Euphorbiaceae in Xi... 22-08-29
Zhang Ting wins CAS Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award 2022 22-09-05
Two rare monkey species live in harmony atop one tree in SW China's Yunnan 22-08-26
SW China's Yunnan takes various measures to protect wild Asian elephants 22-08-17
XTBG Excellent University Students Summer Camp 2022 completed 22-08-15
Big wave of blossom adorns botanic garden in SW China 22-07-29
XTBG hosts 10th International Fig Symposium 22-08-02
Hemiepiphytic figs reduce phosphorus competition by killing host trees 22-07-18
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Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China
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