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News Updates
Graduation Celebration 2020 20-06-22
Individual‐level trait information better predicts tree growth in tropical forest 20-06-03
Annual Report 2019 released 20-05-28
Study decodes the complex autotetraploid cultivated alfalfa genome 20-05-25
Study reveals a framework for trifoliate leaf-pattern formation in leguminous plants 20-05-12
Photos featuring Yunnan-Myanmar borderlands over past century on show at XTBG 20-04-29
Researchers reconstruct drought variability from teak tree rings in southern Myanmar 20-04-27
XTBG tourism recovering from COVID-19 outbreak 20-04-23
A natural storyteller 20-04-23
Orchids burst into diverse blossom in SW China 20-04-13
Natural Orchid Show 2020 at XTBG 20-04-11
Increased plant species composition creates more soil carbon, nitrogen: research 20-03-26
Lateral leaflet suppression 1: important in outgrowth of leaflets of Medicago truncatula 20-03-19
New Research Demonstrates How ‘Undertaker’ Bees Find the Dead Bodies of Their Mates 20-03-23
How ‘undertaker’ bees recognize dead comrades 20-03-23
Now is high time for kitefruits to bloom in southwest China's Yunnan 20-03-02
It's blooming time again 20-02-21
Newly discovered begonia in need of urgent protection 20-02-20
More shading, water can accelerate woody seed germination in translocated forest topsoil: research 20-01-21
Special issue of PhytoKeys represents plant diversity in Southeast Asia 20-01-13
China-Myanmar research team completes biodiversity survey 20-01-02
“Enchanting Xishuangbanna” on show in Zhengzhou Botanical Garden 20-01-02
The growing Tibetan Plateau shaped the modern biodiversity 19-12-31
9th China-Myanmar joint field expedition completed 19-12-30
Atlas of Native Orchids in China published 19-12-24
Chen Jin shares opinions at 2019 International Ecotourism Symposium in Xishuangbanna 19-12-18
In picture: year-end review of the blossoms brightening Xishuangbanna 19-12-20
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