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News Updates
Scientists investigate the mysterious origin of flowering plants 21-02-01
New study unravels Darwin's 'abominable mystery' surrounding origin of flowering plants 21-01-29
The Second International Symposium of Mapping Asia Plants Held Online 21-01-28
Beijing sets sights on science 21-01-26
Proper geometry of leaflets is important for their movement in legumes 21-01-20
GLOBALink | How to protect "One Planet": Greater efforts on biodiversity, climate change 21-01-13
How does distance and density dependence vary across life stages of plants? 21-01-11
Celebrating New Year by running in tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna 21-01-05
Subtropical forests once existed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: study 20-12-15
Annual Work Meeting 2020 of CAS Botanical Gardens Committee held at XTBG 20-12-15
Subtropical forests once existed on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: study 20-12-09
2020 Annual Conference of XTBG 20-12-09
Newly discovered fossils prove “Shangri-La”-like ecosystem in central Tibet 20-12-08
National Symposium on Systematic and Evolutionary Botany held at XTBG 20-12-02
Annual Meeting 2020 of Ecological Society of Yunnan held 20-12-02
Arid environments buzz with more bees, says study 20-11-30
12th Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation completed at XTBG 20-11-27
XTBG receives BGCI's 2020 Global Botanic Garden Fund 20-11-20
Prof. Kyle Tomlinson serves as a new associate editor of Journal of Ecology 20-11-13
141 species recorded at 8th XTBG Birding Festival 20-11-11
Directorate meeting of two CAS overseas centers held 20-11-06
1st Science Festival of CAS core botanical gardens held 20-11-03
Experts call for greater appreciation of plants 20-10-28
Study: Application of xylem vulnerability curves in estimating plant responses to drought should ... 20-11-02
Tales of a China-Laos scientific expedition 20-10-23
Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation-Xishuangbanna 2020 opens 20-10-20
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