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News Updates
New plant species discovered in SW China 24-02-20
Popularity of Yunnan's winter study camps soars at Spring Festival 24-02-19
New Rubiaceae species found in Yuanyang, Yunnan 24-01-29
XTBG completes first joint investigation of the Cenozoic fossil plant group in Thailand 24-02-01
XTBG holds 65th anniversary celebration 24-01-04
8th Advanced Course in Plant Taxonomy Research held at XTBG 23-12-18
Orchid-like insect uses petal-shaped legs to glide 23-12-07
15th Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation completed at XTBG 23-12-11
Ding Wenna supported by the 8th Future Women Scientists Program 23-12-08
Orchid mantises: unveiling structural basis of their unprecedented gliding ability 23-11-30
2023 Academic Annual Conference of XTBG 23-12-06
Orchid mantis' petal-shaped legs serve as structure for gliding: research 23-11-30
18th joint meeting of XTBG and Nature Reserve Administrations held 23-11-24
Xishuangbanna Ecological Research Station listed on national stations of comprehensive monitoring... 23-11-27
Directorate meeting 2023 of two CAS overseas centers held 23-11-27
XTBG Science Festival 2023 held 23-11-10
Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation-Xishuangbanna 2023 opens 23-10-31
6th Luosuo River Science Education Forum held 23-10-26
How does phytochemical diversity affect herbivore damage at tropical tree community? 23-10-08
Population Genomics Workshop held at XTBG 23-10-18
XTBG further deepens cooperation with Thai partner 23-09-28
Chinese scientists collect rock samples atop Mt. Cho Oyu 23-10-07
New scenery created to welcome China’s National Day 23-09-28
Dr. Susan Gardner of UN Environment Program visits XTBG 23-09-12
Vulnerable botanical species discovered in southwest China 23-09-07
XTBG renews cooperation with Lao Biotechnology and Ecology Institute 23-08-18
Prof. Alexandre Antonelli of Kew visits XTBG 23-08-29
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