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News Updates
CUBG Environmental Education Training Course 2019 completed 19-08-13
SEABRI helps capacity building of biodiversity conservation of Lao PDR 19-08-12
XTBG Excellent University Students Summer Camp 2019 completed 19-08-09
SEABRI holds Biodiversity Conservation and Community Development Workshop in Lao PDR 19-08-08
XTBG further promotes joint studies on E101 longitude dynamic plots belt 19-08-08
Biodiversity conservation education calls for more public participation 19-07-26
Fourth Luosuo River Forum on Science Education opened 19-07-24
XTBG deepens cooperation with Lao Biotechnology and Ecology Institute 19-07-22
Silent Wisdom: A scientist determined to redefine ecology 19-07-12
Zhu Hua becomes member of Chinese National Committee for IUBS 19-07-17
Botanic garden in Yunnan spotlights nature's wonder 19-06-28
Meet nature's wonder in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden 19-07-04
Scientists meet to discuss identifying priorities for research and conservation of Chinese elephants 19-07-01
China-Myanmar research team completes biodiversity survey 19-06-24
XTBG researchers collect fern species in west Yunnan 19-06-25
Graduation Ceremony 2019 19-06-14
China-Myanmar joint field expedition does researches on biodiversity of Tamanthi Wildlife Sanctua... 19-06-06
MoU signed between XTBG and National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 19-05-29
XTBG participates in International Conference on Biodiversity 2019 19-05-28
Study finds water-mediated fertilization in land flowering plant 19-05-27
Science in your words: fourth XTBG Science Festival for the Youth 19-05-23
Wightiaceae: A new plant family in Lamiales reported by Chinese botanists 19-05-21
XTBG hosts second international workshop on carbon, nitrogen and water cycle 19-05-21
Study sheds light on molecular regulation of phytohormone abscisic acid signaling during seed ger... 19-05-15
Annual Report 2018 released 19-05-10
XTBG Laboratory accredited by China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval (CMA) 19-05-05
National system of Chinese botanical gardens proposed to be created 19-04-28
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