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News Updates
Assistant director of NSF Beijing Office visits XTBG 06-09-15
Main goals of XTBG within 2006-2010 06-09-15
“Science & China” itineracy lecture given in Kunming 06-09-13
Mr. Teng Mianzhen of MOST visits XTBG 06-08-28
Deputy Secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee visits XTBG 06-08-22
Head of Yunnan Provincial Department of Forestry visits XTBG 06-08-21
Dr. Barbara Frei Haller of University of Neuchatel visits XTBG 06-08-17
CAS President Lu Yongxiang inspects XTBG 06-08-14
Canopy climbing demonstrations given at XTBG 06-07-26
The Kunming Declaration from ATBC 2006 06-07-23
ATBC 2006 opens in Kunming 06-07-19
CAS Vice President Chen Zhu meets with important participants of ATBC 2006 06-07-18
Sino-Myanmar meeting on alternative planting to opium poppy held at XTBG 06-07-18
CAS Vice President Cao Jianlin listens to work report by XTBG 06-07-17
XTBG provides S&T support to poverty alleviation in Mengla County 06-07-07
Prof. Chen Jin visits Simao Teachers College 06-07-05
High-tech model project “Propagation of material plant of Dragon’s Blood” passes acceptance check 06-07-04
Li Qiaoming passes the primary end-term appraisal of CAS “Light in Western China” Program 06-06-27
Monograph on Chinese ginger plants published by Science Press 06-06-22
Mr. Wang Tingda, head of the Disciplinary Inspection Group with CAS, visits XTBG 06-06-22
Yunnan provincial governor Xu Rongkai pays special visit to Prof. Xu Zaifu 06-06-20
XTBG Recruits of CAS Century Program pass primary End-term Appraisal 06-06-09
XTBG and BNU co-sponsor Workshop on Plant Reproductive Biology 06-06-02
“Alstonia scholaris plant resource investigation & artificial propagation ” passes acceptan... 06-05-22
Farewell to Prof. Liu Hongmao 06-05-08
“Ten-Thousand-Plant-Species-Project”awarded 1st prize of Provincial S&T Progress 06-04-29
XTBG authorized to confer Ph.D degree in Botany 06-04-27
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