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Research Progress
Chinese scientist discovers new spider species 19-06-17
Nectar robbers have direct positive effect on female fitness of Primula secundiflora 19-06-13
Land use change declines termite taxonomic and functional diversity in Xishuangbanna 19-06-12
Asian hornets possess olfactory learning and long-term olfactory memory 19-06-06
Spatial analysis of land use change shows ending of rubber plantation expansion in Xishuangbanna 19-06-04
Precipitation declines affect herbaceous community dynamics of Yuanjiang savanna 19-05-28
Wightiaceae: A new plant family in Lamiales reported by Chinese botanists 19-05-21
New species of orchid discovered in Tibet 19-05-20
A new species of orchid found in Tibet 19-05-17
Scientists call for protection of evergreen broad-leaved forest of Yunnan 19-05-16
Study sheds light on molecular regulation of phytohormone abscisic acid signaling during seed ger... 19-05-15
First fossil record of Lagokarpos found in continental Asia 19-05-13
Establishing nature clubs enhances students’conservation behaviors 19-05-09
Rubber-tea agroforestry improves soil water infiltrability and preferential flow 19-05-06
Water‐mediated fertilization adaptive in a subtropical ginger 19-05-05
Scientist proposes to minimize environmental impacts in BRI regions 19-04-24
A new fossil species of Ailanthus found in central Tibetan Plateau 19-04-18
Study reveals how honeybees lose arms race to wax moths 19-04-18
Fine scale seedling distribution is associated with heterogeneity of soil properties 19-04-12
Metasequoia fossil discovered in southwest China 19-04-10
Alexandra palm has possibility to become invasive in Xishuangbanna 19-04-08
Greater wax moth makes honey bees lose arm race 19-04-03
Mature rubber-based agroforestry systems support higher soil bacterial diversity 19-04-02
Zinc oxide nanoparticles repress plant growth 19-04-01
A new species of passion flower found in Xishuangbanna 19-03-28
Study finds a weak but significant allometry between seed reserves and protective tissue 19-03-27
Termites could maintain water levels within tolerable ranges inside mounds 19-03-25
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