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Research Progress
Researchers propose a transdisciplinary framework to determine ecological redline areas in Shanghai 18-08-07
Snow damage to the canopy increases species richness via seedling recruitment 18-08-02
Rock outcrop runoff infiltration in three directions differs greatly 18-07-25
Forest conversion increases litter production and nutrient returns but decreases nutrient use eff... 18-07-24
Precipitation declines affect productivity of savannas 18-07-23
Honey bee queens have excellent learning and memory 18-07-20
Cold stress is the driving factor of intense defoliation of rubber trees in Xishuangbanna 18-07-18
Morphological analysis and molecular evidence delineate two controversial gold‐thread nanmu species 18-07-17
A new species of Aristolochiaceae found in Dehong 18-07-11
A new species of Begoniaceae found in Tibet and Myanmar 18-07-04
A new species of Celastraceae found in Mengla 18-07-02
A 2 °C temperature increase has the largest impact on carbon sequestration potential in Yunnan 18-07-02
How does drought affect soil respiration in woody savanna? 18-06-28
Rubber monoculture leads to unfavorable vegetation and soil conditions in Xishuangbanna 18-06-26
Plant fossil archives implicate climate change in Tibet's southeastern margin 18-06-25
Temperature: a main factor influences water use efficiency in rubber plantation 18-06-21
Researchers designate lectotype and epitype of Gastrodia angusta 18-06-19
Researchers present a high-quality transcriptome sequence for the Sacha Inchi 18-06-19
Rainfall redistribution is important for spatial distribution of throughfall kinetic energy in ru... 18-06-19
Vascular epiphytes rely on fog water more greatly than their host trees 18-06-13
Plant fossil analysis may help predict climate change: study 18-06-13
Spatial heterogeneity exists in climate change patterns of Oligocene 18-06-08
Precipitation reduction leads to decreases in N2O emission in Yuanjiang savanna 18-06-06
Water consumption characteristics of winter wheat identified 18-06-05
Study reveals key factors explaining successful invasion of Chromolaena odorata 18-06-04
A new species of Ranunculaceae found in SW China 18-05-30
Cultivating orchids may help conserve wild species in China 18-05-29
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