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Research Progress
Study uncovers three factors promoting species coexistence in tropical tree community 18-05-25
UV-B radiation regulates root growth through a flavonoid-mediated phototropic response in Arabido... 18-05-23
Study reveals roles of VQ motif-containing proteins in abscisic acid signaling 18-05-22
Uncontrolled expansion of roads is a major factor to forest loss across Indo-Malaysian region 18-05-15
Wuodendron: a new genus of Annonaceae reported 18-05-14
Exogenous application of gibberellin inhibits floral initiation in Jatropha 18-05-03
High-speed countercurrent chromatography application leads to identification of estriol in V. neg... 18-05-02
bHLH104 positively regulates cadmium tolerance in Arabidopsis 18-04-27
Nitrogen uptake patterns shift with age of rubber trees 18-04-23
Two new fern species reported from China 18-04-18
Researchers explore ecological variation along light gradient in savanna–forest boundaries 18-04-10
Functional trait–demographic relationships are weak 18-04-04
Complete chloroplast genomes of three Alseodaphne species reconstructed 18-04-02
Temperature and wind speed essential in estimating reference crop evapotranspiration rates 18-03-29
Uncontrolled regulation of transcriptional factors may affect pollen development in Arabidopsis 18-03-27
New holistic biodiversity tool for cave conservation developed 18-03-26
Seed dormancy profile for Xishuangbanna differs considerably from composite profile for this vege... 18-03-22
Researchers reveal negative role of Jasmonate in regulating stomatal development in Arabidopsis c... 18-03-20
Changes in phenology allow some tropical fig species to extend distribution ranges 18-03-19
How does selfing timing correlate with floral traits in three Gentianopsis species 18-03-15
Conversion of forest to agricultural drylands may not reduce soil microbial diversity 18-03-09
Diversity patterns of passerine communities along an elevational gradient in Ailao Mountains 18-03-08
Triptolide:an alkaloid in toxic nectar reduces olfactory learning of honey bees 18-03-06
Setaphyta:a new family tree given to plants 18-03-02
Non-structural carbohydrate:sensitive and effective in evaluating plant carbon balance 18-02-27
Study: land plants first appeared about 500 million years ago 18-02-24
A new species of Aristolochia discovered in north Myanmar 18-02-23
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