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Research Progress
Intercropping medicinal herbs helps aged rubber trees use deep soil water in Xishuangbanna 19-09-26
Two ginger species reported new to Myanmar 19-09-25
Rubber-plantation ants have wider geographic distributions in Xishuangbanna 19-09-23
CRlncRC2 is an effective and useful method for lncRNA-cancer association identification 19-09-20
Studies highlight mountaintops as plants' climate refugia 19-09-18
Systematic position of Mirabilis himalaica in relation to New World taxa 19-09-17
Researchers develop DNA-based markers to authenticate “Gusuibu" 19-09-17
Wuliang Mountains harbor high diversity of medicinal plants 19-09-11
Diversity of epiphytic fern Scleroglossum revised 19-09-10
Researchers obtain first complete plastid genome of a relict fern genus 19-09-09
Four species of Gesneriaceae reported new from Yunnan 19-09-03
Two new tribes of Lauraceae reported 19-09-02
Conversion of tropical forests to rubber plantations increases soil acidification 19-09-04
A new species of woody bamboo reported from Xishuangbanna 19-08-30
Plant diversity and endemism in China: Unreachable locations and diverse microclimates 19-08-30
Mountaintops in tropical rainforest may serve as climate refugia 19-08-29
A new species of Begonia found in Puer 19-08-27
Chinese researchers find new species of begonia 19-08-27
Host identity important in shaping foliar endophytic fungi ssemblages of figs 19-08-20
Noteworthy taxa reported new to Myanmar 19-08-15
Researchers find soil respiration, rainfall reduction mechanism 19-08-15
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau used to have warm Lowland 26 million years ago: study 19-08-14
Study provides new insights into effect of polyploidy on species diversification 19-08-12
NaOH pretreatment feasible to improve fermentability of lignocellulosic pyrolysate 19-08-06
Pteridophyte species composition differ between limestone and non-limestone forests 19-08-02
Mycorrhizal fungi isolated from advanced seedlings best for germination of Arundina graminifolia 19-07-29
How does re-caching of seeds affect dispersal success 19-07-22
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