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Research Progress
Light use efficiency shows considerable spatiotemporal variability in different forest ecosystems 19-02-01
Researchers explore ricinoleic acid biosynthesis and regulation in H. benghalensis 19-01-25
Researchers present sequences and structural variations of chloroplast genomes of Paris Sect. Mar... 19-01-11
Honey bee stop signals are inhibitory and referential 19-01-10
Ferns apt to seek out new optimal habitats after forest degradation 19-01-09
A new fern species validated in Xishuangbanna 18-12-27
Melatonin and serotonin improve tolerance to Fe deficiency in plants 18-12-21
New record of shield orchids found in Xishuangbanna 18-12-14
Researchers use genomic analysis to test evolution of a spruce species complex 18-12-12
Mammal-like milk provisioning and parental care discovered in jumping spider 18-11-30
Intercropping leguminous shrub with rubber increases soil carbon and nitrogen fractions 18-11-28
Non-dominant trees are important for lichen diversity in subtropical forests 18-11-27
Researchers propose three approaches to increase public awareness of biodiversity protection 18-11-20
Two new species of Hiptage found in Yunnan 18-11-19
A new tree species of Magnolia found in northern Myanmar 18-11-14
Climate reconstruction using blue pine tree rings reveals drought history of trans-Himalaya of Nepal 18-11-08
Researchers investigate bryophyte diversity along vertical gradient in Yunnan 18-11-05
miR172 plays a role in regulating xylem development in both Arabidopsis and Jatropha 18-11-01
Two new fossil species of Ulmus found in Yunnan 18-10-31
How do tree species respond to grass competition in savannas? 18-10-18
Study reveals positive roles of SAPK1 and SAPK2 in salt tolerance in rice 18-10-15
Changes in N concentration impact trophic cascade effects of spiders in detritus‐based food web 18-10-12
Researchers construct a manually curated database of validated sgRNAs for lncRNAs 18-10-11
Seed mass preferences differ among sympatric rodent species 18-10-10
Origin and evolution of Christella in SW China could be dated back to 56 million years ago 18-09-28
Bamboo shoot fiber effective in suppressing high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance 18-09-26
A new species of Pseudarthria found in Menghai 18-09-21
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