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Research Progress
Tree-ring data proves larch trees repeatedly infected by insect defoliators in central Hengduan M... 16-11-28
A new fossil species of Exbucklandia found in Yunnan 16-11-25
Jatropha ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana LEAFY regulates flowering 16-11-24
Soil phosphorus heterogeneity significantly affects tree diversity in Xishuangbanna 16-11-21
Thick and intact leaf litter layer is important soil protection agent 16-11-18
A process for simultaneous production of furfural and hydrolyzable cellulose developed 16-11-14
Seasonal drought inhibits growth of seedlings in Xishuangbanna 16-11-10
Dry season temperature mainly controls fire frequency in Yunnan 16-11-01
JcAP1 functions in flower development of Jatropha 16-10-29
Different management practices influence soil water infiltration types 16-10-25
Ecosystems gain more radiation while lowering their surface temperatures 16-10-21
Lanthanum affects primary root growth by modulating reactive oxygen species 16-10-20
Recognize savannahs as ecosystem, experts say 16-10-18
Species traits and litter fauna access influence bark litter decomposition 16-10-11
Dissolved organic carbon influences soil respiration in tropical forest 16-10-08
Mercury accumulation in soils closely linked to sulfur in subtropical forest 16-09-21
Rewilding plays role in landscape design for conservation 16-09-20
WRKYs regulate flowering under short-day conditions 16-09-14
Bamboo shoot fiber effective in suppressing high-fat diet induced obesity 16-09-09
A new species of Araceae found in Yunnan 16-09-07
Asian savannahs need identifying and mapping 16-09-08
LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES DOMAIN (LBD) gene family in legumes identified 16-08-31
Enhanced fertilizer additions impose detrimental effects on bryophytes 16-08-30
3-ketoacyl-acyl-carrier protein synthase I (KASI) plays crucial roles in tobacco 16-08-24
Medium-sized seeds have highest dispersal success by rodents 16-08-18
Ecological functions of rock outcrops in karst areas 16-08-17
Modern biotechnological tools contribute to conservation 16-08-12
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