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Research Progress
Researchers undertake a floral organogenesis study of Plukenetia volubilis 20-02-28
Disturbance is important determinant on successful invasion of P. corethrurus in tropics 20-02-28
Complementary preferential flow and non-preferential flow domains benefit rubber growth 20-02-27
A new species of Salacia found in Malipo 20-02-26
Chromatin organization participates in regulation of gene transcription during process of sex dif... 20-02-25
Study reveals mechanism of jasmonate-promoted root hair growth in Arabidopsis 20-02-19
A new tuberous species of Begonia found in Puer 20-02-17
Edaphic factors important to explain and predict impact of climate change on species distribution 20-02-14
Science China D publishes a special issue concerning Cenozoic mammals and plants from the Tibetan... 20-02-12
bHLH121 plays a pivotal role in maintaining Fe homeostasis in Arabidopsis 20-02-11
Earliest fossil record of Asclepiadoideae reported from central Qinghai‐Tibetan Plateau 20-01-21
More shading, water can accelerate woody seed germination in translocated forest topsoil: research 20-01-21
A new species of Goniothalamus reported from Lao PDR 20-01-19
A new species of Araceae reported from Myanmar 20-01-15
Rock outcrops enhance heterogeneity and stability of soil moisture spatial pattern 20-01-13
Study evaluates differences in canopy temperature depression between rubber plantation and tropic... 20-01-09
A new species of Begonia described 20-01-08
Two Major Environmental Values (2-MEV) scale is more suitable to predict children’s environmenta... 20-01-07
A new species of Resedaceae reported from Xishuangbanna 20-01-03
Soil K plays important role in forest restoration on karst slopes with rock outcrops 19-12-23
Researchers undertake species delimitation of Chinese Horsfieldia 19-12-20
Common ancestor of Asian fireflies possesses adult bioluminescence 19-12-16
Ant assemblage composition best explains variations in predation rate on artificial caterpillars 19-12-12
Co-diversification patterns differ among figs and pollinating and galling wasps 19-12-09
New study provides insights into complex network regulating Fe homeostasis in rice 19-12-05
Earliest fossil record for Berchemia reported from Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 19-12-03
Epiphytes possibly have evolved specific nutrient characteristics and adaptations 19-12-02
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