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Research Progress
Study reveals clear THg and MeHg biomagnification through food webs in a terrestrial ecosystem 20-04-30
Intercrops enhance soil moisture availability in rubber agroforestry systems 20-04-28
Researchers reconstruct drought variability from teak tree rings in southern Myanmar 20-04-27
Study represents the first genomic-level documentation of hybrid speciation in scaly tree ferns 20-04-24
Rainfall is most important in influencing forest productivity in tropical rainforest of Xishuangb... 20-04-23
A new species of Aspidistra recorded from Lao PDR 20-04-21
XTBG researcher presents a monograph of Linnaeeae 20-04-20
Researchers highlight opportunities and limitations of utilizing environmental DNA in ecology and... 20-04-17
OsFIT and OsIRO2 interact to regulate Fe homeostasis in rice 20-04-15
Study provides insight into sensitivity of soil biological responses to land use change, seasonal... 20-04-08
Drought stress is an important factor for disappearance of Metasequoia in SW China 20-04-03
Leaf economic spectrum and structural defenses are coupled in spiny species 20-04-02
Researchers identify quantitative trait loci in salt-tolerance rice 20-03-27
Moisture availability limits tree growth of Tenasserim pine in Northeastern Thailand 20-03-27
Tree species show different range shifts to climate change in north-western Myanmar 20-03-26
Study investigates cox1 evolution in a parasitic Lauraceae species 20-03-24
Tree growth of Himalayan fir varies synchronously across elevational belts 20-03-24
Lateral leaflet suppression 1: important in outgrowth of leaflets of Medicago truncatula 20-03-19
Chromolaena odorata increases resource investment into growth through postintroduction evolution 20-03-17
Study validates local adaptation of sawtooth oak tree of subtropical China 20-03-16
XTBG researchers complete the first evaluation of fern conservation status in Myanmar 20-03-12
Study provides an update review of arsenic speciation in mushrooms from China 20-03-11
Restoring low-profit rubber provides a mechanism for reconnecting forest as effective conservatio... 20-03-10
Phospholipase D homologous genes identified in Castor seeds 20-03-06
Study pushes back origin of existing Ilex crown clade into early Eocene 20-03-05
A new genus of forking fern family reported 20-03-03
Researchers undertake a floral organogenesis study of Plukenetia volubilis 20-02-28
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